RPG D6 StatsEdit

Control Difficulty: Difficult.
Required Powers: Enhance Attribute, Burst Of Speed.
Effect: You can use some or all of your movement on a wall, as long as you begin and end your turn on the floor. The height you can achieve on the wall is limited only by your movement limit. You must use this power in conjunction with your running skill and movement rules as described in Star Wars Roleplaying Game Revised and Expanded Second Edition p.101, multiple action penalties apply. If you do not end your move on the floor or if you fail your running roll, you fall prone, taking damage as appropriate for your height above the floor. Treat the wall as normal floor for the purposes of measuring your movement, but not for where you can begin or end your move. Shifting from a horizontal surface to a vertical surface (and vice-versa) costs 2 meters of movement.

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