UA Sentry
UA-571 Sentry Cannon/Unit
Production Information

Kindren Industries


UA-571 Unit


Automated/Remote Sentry Gun


Kindren Industries


30,000 credits

Physical and Technical Specifications
Usage and History



Kindren designed the UA-571 unit with the idea of security and protection when manpower isn't available. The UA Sentry Cannon is a fully automated weapon, often positioned in tactical locations to defend bases in cramped areas of operation. Easily assembled in less than 2 minutes, once activated the cannons can independently track and target anything not emitting any IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) frequency. The weapon has a forward-facing sensor scanning a 60 degree cone, and it is often common practice to set up secondary cannons with overlapping fields of fire.

The Sentry weapon comes with three different mounted weapon types that can be interchanged from the base unit: The UA-571-C mounts a pulse action machine gun, firing M250 10 mm HEAP rounds, fed from an external magazine of 500 rounds. The UA-571-D variant mounts a 20 mW HF super-plasma blaster, providing good protection from any armoured units that may be approaching the protected position, while the UA-571-F model incorporates a 40 mm grenade launcher.

RPG D6 StatsEdit

Model: Kindren UA-571 Sentry Cannon
Type: Automated Sentry Unit

  • 10/30/150/300/500 (HEAP rounds)
  • 10/50/100/250/350 (Blaster)
  • 30/70/150/250/400 (40 mm Grenade)


  • 5D (500) (Armour Piercing)
  • 6D (20) (Halve armour value, triple internal damage to speeder scale.)
  • 8D/6D/4D/2D (100) (Grenade Damage)

Ammo: 500 rounds per magazine, 100 Shots Per Battery, 80 Grenades per Box
Cost: 30,000 credits per unit
Availability: 2, R or X

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