Height of
average adult

1.8-2.2 meters

Hair color

White, gray

Eye color


  • Long curved claws
  • Membranous wings
Average lifespan

165 standard years

The Tran are mammalian omnivores. With their slitted eyes, triangular ears and short, thick fur, they are somewhat feline in appearance. Although they are very broad and muscled, they are not strong, due to their light, hollow bones. Their long arms end in four-fingered hands. The Tran's three-toed feet have long, curving claws that act as skates but also retract upward, with considerable effort, to allow it to walk on land. A small single claw on the Tran's heel acts as a brake. The Tran move over the icy surface of their planet by wind-skating. Broad, membranous wings stretch from their hips to their arms, spreading as the arms are lifted to catch to wind.

The surface of Dextra is covered with a shallow, frozen ocean dotted with archipelagos of small islands. Most Tran live in small island communities. They travel widely across their world on their claw skate, propelled by the wind in their wings. Other groups of Tran live a nomad-like existence, moving in a horde across the eternal ice and descending on the settled islanders to demand tribute of goods and food.

RPG D6 StatsEdit

Attribute Dice: 8D
KNO 1D/3D+2
STR 1D/3D+1
TEC 1D/2D+2
Special Skills:
Dexterity Skills:
Wind-skating: Time to use: one round. They use this skill when using their skateblade claws and membranous wings to catch the wind and move across the icy surfaces of Dextra.
Special Abilities:
Arctic Survival: Tran have great stamina in arctic environments. They receive a +2D bonus to both survival: arctic and stamina.
Skateblade Claws: Although rarely, they can be used in combat causing STR+2D damage.
Move: 11/14 (skating); 8/10 (walking)
Size: 1.8-2.2 meters tall
Lifespan: 165 standard years

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