Tactical Vest
Tactical Vest
Production Information

Personal Combat Accessory


275 credits

Physical and Technical Specifications
Usage and History
  • Rise of the Empire
  • Rebellion
  • New Republic
  • New Jedi Order

RPG D6 StatsEdit

Tactical vest
Type: Combat Accessory
Scale: Character
Cost: 275
Availability: 2, F
Game Notes: Vest provides +1 vs. physical damage. Features include:

  • 4 Deluxe Adjustable Blaster Pack Pouches(3 Right, 1 Left) - Universal Design, Each Holding 1 - 2 of the most popular packs. Features Vylcro Closure, Drain Holes and Elastic to hold packs tight.
  • 1 Deluxe Universal Holster - Adjustable position, Extra Mag Pouch. Extra Vylcro Attachable Modular Double-pack Pouches to Interchange with Holster
  • 3 Deluxe Universal Pistol packs/Flashlight Pouches - Adjustable height
  • 1 Large ID Pouch, Attachable Elastic Grenade Holder
  • 1 Comm Pouch, Reinforced Padded Sniper Shoulder
  • 2 Large Internal Zippered Map/Document Pouches
  • Heavy Duty Back Loop System - To Carry Additional Gear/Tools
  • Fully Adjustable in Girth and Length - One size fits most
  • Complete with Great Quality Pistol Belt with Pouches
  • Durable Rescue Pull, Mesh System Helps Release Moisture and Heat, High Quality Zippers

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