Four Stones of Kooroo
Stones of Kooroo
Production Information

Force artifact




c. 19,990 BBY

Physical and Technical Specifications



30 cm

  • Straight lines
  • Wavy lines
Usage and History

Shrine activation

  • Old Republic
  • Rise of the Empire
  • Rebellion

The Stones of Kooroo are ancient artifacts believed by many to be the key needed to unlock the power of the Shrines of Kooroo.


Rebellion EraEdit

After being lost to the galaxy for centuries, the Stones found their way into the hands of a black market dealer, Lunb Tull. Lunb was going to trade them to Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg. But four bounty hunters working for Reaper intercepted them before the trade could take place. But the hunters decided to betray Reaper and keep the Stones for highest bidder. To protect themselves and the Stones, each hunter took one stone and placed them in hiding.

The first Stone would not stay hidden long. With intelligence provided by Arthur Bishop, CJ Morgan and her crew retrieved the Earth Stone from a Devaronian hunter, Brev Akura, on Palmaera. The Stone was then hidden at the Nyystrom Institute on Rotex.

The Air Stone was found by Lady Danara. She was able to find the Vyborg hunter, Rokgun, and used the Force to make him lead her to the Stone. Once the hunter revealed the Stone, she killed him. Reaper and his minions showed up to take the Stone, but Danara was able to fend them off.


The Stones of Kooroo were 30 centimeters in height and were three-sided. Each Stone had a different design of either straight or wavy lines which represented the four classic elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire.

Shrines of KoorooEdit

Shrine of Kooroo

Shrine of Kooroo on Gelgelar.

The Shrines of Kooroo or Temples of Kooroo were ancient stone monuments on several planets; although their builders and purpose are a mystery, they are claimed by the Fellowship of Kooroo to have been built to honor Kooroo.

The Shrines were all constructed according to the same basic plan. They had three levels, the lower two enclosed, and the upper open, with stone pillars supporting a roof. The enclosed chambers were accessible through doors, and sometimes contained untranslated hieroglyphics, art or even holograms. Around the Shrine, as much as 100 meters, were obelisks and standing stones arranged in a regular pattern.

Force-sensitives reported that the Shrines contained an "echo" effect, reflecting back their senses and permitting visions light years away.

Shortly after the Fifth Battle of Coruscant in 11 ABY, experts dated the Shrines to be more than 20,000 years old.

They were located on planets throughout the Outer and Mid Rims, including Gelgelar, Boztrok, Sufezz, Branteez, Vaynai and Shadix. The vast distance between Gelgelar, inside or in the vicinity of Elrood sector, and Vaynai, near the Corporate Sector, indicates a very wide distribution of sites. A theory said that they were part of an ancient teleportation network.

The Shrine on Gelgelar, located in the Gelgelar Free Port, was occupied by the Wise Man of Kooroo during the Galactic Civil War.

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