RPG D6 StatsEdit

Sense Difficulty: Moderate for friendly, non-resisting targets. Moderate plus target’s control or Perception roll to determine the difficulty of the probe on an unwilling subject.
Required Powers: Life Detection, Life Sense, Receptive Telepathy, Sense Force.
Time to Use: Six rounds.
Effect: This power allows a Jedi to probe the mind of a target, and determine whether that person has the potential to be strong in the Force. The deep subconscious of a Force sensitive person is shielded by a protective barrier which prevents another Force wielder from penetrating his or her inner mind. This shield pushes violently back at an intruder, sending him or her stumbling back. This “shield” is an involuntary defense mechanism maintained by every Force sensitive person. It is one reliable way to determine which people might have the potential to become a Jedi. The magnitude of the backlash generated by the shield depends on the character’s strength in the Force. A person who is merely Force sensitive will shove the intruder back several feet. Someone with actual Force skills will produce a more intense reaction. Those with little training will send the intruder reeling back across the room. Someone who is well-trained, or who has a great deal of raw talent in the Force, might actually send the intruder flying across the room.

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