Sense Disturbance, as it's name implies, allows a Jedi to sense disturbances in the Force. With increased power, a Jedi will be able to sense a disturbance over greater distances.

RPG D6 StatsEdit

Sense Difficulty: Very Easy, modified by proximity.
Effect: This enables a character to sense a disturbance in the Force. This does not give the character specific details, but instead a vague feeling of what has occurred. Once learned, this power is effectively “up” at all times. When a disturbance happens, the Jedi can take a “free” action roll to sense the disturbance. The GM should have the player roll his character’s Sense against the modified difficulty. What effect the disturbance has on the Jedi is up to the GM. If successful, the GM should secretly inform the player that his character senses a tremor, or a stirring in the Force, tell the player a vague feeling of who or what the disturbance is about, and if it is of the Light or Dark Side.

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