RPG D6 StatsEdit

Control Difficulty: Very Easy. Increase difficulty by +5 to +10 if the Jedi cannot verbalize the thoughts he is transmitting (he is gagged, doesn’t want to make a sound). Modified by proximity.
Sense Difficulty: Very Easy if the target is friendly and doesn’t resist. If the target resists, the difficulty is the target’s control or Perception roll if target resists. Modified by relationship.
Required Powers: Receptive Telepathy, Life Sense.
Effect: If the Jedi successfully projects his thoughts, the target “hears” his thoughts and “feels” his emotions. The Jedi can only broadcast feelings, emotions and perhaps a couple of words - this power cannot be used to send sentences or to hold conversations. The target understand that the thoughts and feelings he is experiencing are not his own and that they belong to the user of the power. If the Jedi doesn’t “verbally” identify himself, the target doesn’t know who is projecting thoughts to him. This power can only be used to communicate with other minds, not control them.

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