RPG D6 StatsEdit

Control Difficulty: Difficult.
Sense Difficulty: Difficult.
Alter Difficulty: Moderate. Modified by proximity. The target must be within the Jedi’s line of sight.
Required Powers: Concentration, Telekinesis.
Effect: Projected fighting allows the user to strike at an opponent, inflicting damage without physically touching the target. Use of this power is more than a little risky; in many cases projected fighting is simply using the Force for attack. However, the Jedi attempting to use projected fighting can elect to cause stun damage only, and even then should only attempt to use this power if it is to protect innocent life from immediate danger. A user who uses projected fighting for any other reason, or causes anything more serious than stun damage, receives a Dark Side Point. After successfully using the power, the user makes a brawling skill roll. If attacking a Force sensitive, the target may use the brawling skill to parry the attack. Otherwise, the target cannot deflect the Jedi’s blows. If the brawling roll is successful, the user rolls his or her full Strength versus the target’s Strength. The user may target a specific portion of the body, but must subtract an additional -1D from his brawling skill. Be sure to add any armor bonuses that the target may have. This power can be kept up as long as the distance between the user and the target remains the same. Should the target move significantly or the user wish to select a new target, the power must be rerolled.

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