Poncir Arms Industries
General Information

Delinos, Aerelon

Poncir Arms was a galactic manufacturer of small arms and components/systems. A majority of its revenue came from manufacturing of components for other contract companies. It did manufacture and market a line of blaster weapons along side a unique line of firearms also.


Poncir Arms came into prominence as a galactic weapons and parts manufacturer during the early days of the Clone Wars. Capitalizing on the demand for side arms and weapon systems, primarily for independent or local militias and security forces, Poncir Arms increased its production lines up to new levels. This saw Poncir greatly increase its revenue and place within the galactic business scene. While it didn’t see the success or popularity of other companies like Blastech or Sorosub, Poncir did gain a modest foothold in the market.

Poncir Arms nearly drove its self out of business in the early years of the Empire by attempting to market a series of firearms after their successful blaster line. It failed miserably and sent Poncir Arms reeling.

Near 0 BBY, Poncir took what little capital they had left and stuck it into two hotshot kids with some radical ideas on blaster and weapon design. The result was trendy weapons that are catching on around the galaxy, primarily in the underworld where big credits buy big booms.

Poncir Products