Peruvian Sector (New)
Peruvian Sector

Inner Rim

Grid coordinates



The Tullis Debris Field


The Peruvian Nest(s)

Trade routes
  • Ithic Corridor
  • Scenic Route
Native species
Sector capital


  • Engstrom Trust
    • Brodic Ares Corp.
    • Larza Syndicate
    • Shadow Wing
  • Galactic Republic
  • Imperial New Order
Sector Battles

The Peruvian Sector was located in the Inner Rim Territories, in the Western Reaches. It was home to several native and immigrated species.

The sector was the initial start-up of the Engstrom Turst, founded by colonists and corporate sponsors around 19,900 BBY. By the time of the Galactic Empire, the Peruvian Sector and the Engstrom Turst had degraded into a rough, fringer-like area ripe with crime, despite being home to a handful of mega-corporations.

Money and business played the largest part in the politics of the sector. The corporations and other businesses held the most sway, allowing the Imperials to all but ignore the area during the time of the Galactic Empire. Any defense and security within the sector was provided by three of the biggest corporations, Brodic Ares, Mezentine Industries, and Hadar Incorporated. Despite the private forces that maintained order, the sector was considered a haven for smugglers, pirates, and outlaws.

The corporate forces within the sector were said to be more brutal than the Imperials, but were easily swayed by credits. Entities such as BoSS were still represented, but often times just as corrupt as the military forces. With the right contacts or a hefty amount of credits, almost anything could be gotten away with in the Peruvian Sector.

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