RPG D6 StatsEdit

Control Difficulty: Moderate.
Sense Difficulty: Easy.
This power may be kept "up”.
Effect: To use a lightsaber most effectively, a Jedi learns this power. The Jedi uses this power both to wield this elegant but difficult-to-control weapon while also sensing his opponent’s actions through his connection to the Force. This power is called upon at the start of a battle and remains up until the Jedi is stunned or injured; a Jedi who has been injured or stunned may attempt to bring the power back up. If the Jedi is successful in using this power, the Jedi adds his sense dice to his lightsaber skill roll when trying to hit a target or parry, and he adds or subtracts up to the number of his control dice to the lightsaber’s 5D damage when it hits in combat. Players must decide how many control dice they are adding or subtracting before they roll damage. If the Jedi fails the power roll, he must use the lightsaber with only his lightsaber skill to hit and the weapon’s normal damage in combat and he cannot attempt to use the power again for the duration of the combat. Finally, the Jedi may use lightsaber combat to parry blaster bolts as a “reaction skill.” To do this, the character must declare that he is parrying that round, using his lightsaber skill as normal. The Jedi may also attempt to control where deflected blaster bolts go; this is a reaction skill and counts as an additional action. (The Jedi cannot full parry when trying to control deflected bolts.) The Jedi must declare which specific shot he is controlling. Then, once the roll is made to see if the blaster bolt was parried by the Jedi, the Jedi makes a control roll, with the difficulty being his new target’s dodge or the range (figured from the Jedi to his target). The damage is that of the original blaster bolt.

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