RPG D6 Stats

Control Difficulty: Moderate.
Alter Difficulty: Targets’ control or Perception rolls.
Required Powers: Force Lightning.
Warning: A Jedi who uses this power for any reason immediately gains a Dark Side Point.
Effect: This power, like Force lightning is a corruption of the Force, intended to create searing pain and injury to any character that happens to be adjacent to the Jedi. As the Jedi unleashes her hate and anger in the form of pure electrical energy, all characters within one meter of the Jedi are jolted with serious pain. Armor does not protect a character from lightning burst; though it can be repelled with absorb/dissipate energy. Unlike Force lightning, lightning burst requires only one roll to strike every target within one meter, though it does a standard damage of 4D to every character that does not successfully resist the roll. If the target suffers any damage at all, they are so crippled by pain that they are incapable of acting for the rest of the round and the next round.