Larza Syndicate
The Larza Syndicate
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Peruvian Sector

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The Larza Syndicate was a Criminal Organization in the Peruvian Sector, based on the planet, Haven. The Syndicate dealt primarily with extortion, blackmail, forgeries, smuggling, and black market arms deals.  The Syndicate was one of the chief rivals of the Yakoza and Shadow Wing.


The Larza Syndicate came into being around the year 1150 BBY, formed to counter a growing corporate influence within the Engstrom Trust.  By the time of the Clone Wars, the Larza Syndicate had become one of the Big 3 within the Trust.  In 10 BBY, Mara Laren and Viktor Bhot began working together to undermine the influence that Geffory Synklair had within the Peruvian Sector. Both individuals had formed quarrels with Synklair resulting in their dealings with Brodic Ares Corporation, which had gone bad.

Laren, using her family fortune, began pooling resources and allied with Bhot to begin attempting to gain some form of payback towards Synklair. Within a year, Laren had brought several individuals together that were involved in criminal enterprises within the Peruvian Sector and the Trust, uniting the Syndicate like never before.

Dealing in Smuggling and Black Market Arms, the Syndicate began to grow in influence and in the activities they were involved in. These activities included extortion, forgery, racketeering, and mercenary operations.

Rebellion EraEdit

Following the Battle of Yavin period, the Larza Syndicate took advantage of the blow to the Empire and increased their illegal activities around the Engstrom Trust and the western Inner Rim. Unfortunately, this also caught the attention of the criminal organizations, Black Sun and the Yakoza, both of whom had strong ties to the Empire. At the behest of the Emperor, Prince Xizor began a campaign against the Larza Syndicate, as well as Darion Tyrall doing the same.

By 2 ABY, the Syndicate was in a full-blown war against the elements of Black Sun and the Yakoza. Out-matched, various parts of the Syndicate began to fragment and break away, seeking safer havens farther out on the Rim. Three of Laren's usual smugglers, Leigha Marette, Jynna Antem, and Syka Thulo fled to the Mid Rim and eventually came across Phantom Station, shortly after the attack by the Black Bloods had occurred. Utilizing the connection the three had with CJ Morgan, these smugglers went on retainer with Rena Traabo during the time that she was attempting to have Phantom Station repaired. Skye Phoxe soon followed the trio also.

By the end of 3 ABY, the Larza Syndicate had been effectively broken and neutralized. Most members that hadn't been outright killed, had been captured by security forces or Imperials and were imprisoned on Crematoria. It wasn't until late in 5 ABY, when the conflict in the Engstrom Trust began to heat up that members of the organization that were imprisoned were freed. Once they were able to, Mara Laren and Korynn Luc began to reform the syndicate.

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