A Kystrani male.


A Kystrani female.









Height of
average adult

1.5-2.1 meters

Skin color

Light to tan

Hair color

Black, brown

Eye color

Blue, green, brown

Average lifespan

100 standard years

The Kystrani are fair-skinned near-Humans with hair color of shades of brown to black and eye color of blue, green or brown. They are an advanced race who no longer uses sexual intercourse to procreate. Child birth was deemed too dangerous for women several centuries ago; instead Kystrani younglings are born in artificial wombs and raised in Child Centers. The Child Centers are for learning only. They give approval, motivation, self-esteem, and any number of other good qualities, but don't give affection or love. In Kystrani life, sex is purely recreational and a stress reliever. If a Kystrani does not have a sex-sharing partner they can go to one of many Stress Clinics. Birth control is administered to everyone. It is in the food, in everything Kystrani consume.

Kystran has been barren and desert-like ever since the Great Water Shortage, which occurred a few centuries ago. All food is grown on space gardens orbiting the planet which are operated by machines and droids, so as not to contaminate the food. The parks on Kystran have sculptures of trees and plants.

Their technology has developed very much the same as the galactic standard, except they are a bit behind on hyperspace tech, which is still in its infancy on Kystran. They are a little more advance in fields of medicine and droids. Their meditech units can treat any disease and fix any wound and do it faster and more efficiently than a bacta tank. Their droids have a more advanced processor that allows them to perform multiple tasks without hampering the droid's effectiveness.

Kystran is an isolated world from the galaxy; it has never been a member of the Republic or the Empire. Having just recently developed inter-stellar travel, they have sent out a few World Discovery scouts, but none have ever reported or returned.

RPG D6 StatsEdit

Technology Level: Space
Government: Directorship
Home Planet or System: Kystran
Attribute Dice: 12D
Story Factors:
Artificial Birth: Kystrani are not born to parents, instead Kystrani younglings are born in artificial wombs and raised in Child Centers.
Martial Arts Training: All Kystrani security and most Kystrani nobles are taught a form of unarmed combat called Frimera.
Move: 10/12
Size: 1.5-2.1 meters tall
Lifespan: 100 standard

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Kystrani are a cross-over species based on the species by the same name from Johanna Lindsey's Ly-San-Ter family series.

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