Kryolon Warhead
Production Information

Sebacaen Military Research


Super Induction/Reaction Torpedo



Modified by


Known locations


Physical and Technical Specifications

5.5 meters


1.5 meters


1 meter


775 kg

Usage and History
  • Rebellion
  • New Republic


Utilizing electromagnetic energy detonations, a Kryolon Warhead can cause what is known as a Super Flare in a star. Causing a coronal ejection up to 10 million times more powerful than a normal solar flare, the Kryolon is considered a doomsday weapon. The ejecting flare can travel outwards from a star at a rate close to lightspeed. Any objects making contact with the flare are immediately destroyed, by the intense heat and the plasma/matter contained within the flare. The Super Flare is capable of totally destroying a planet’s electromagnetic buffer, the Ozone, rendering a planet hostile to life within a short period of time. The flare may also cause super heating of a planet, burning off all water and atmosphere in a rapid amount of time, especially on the day-side of a planet.

The Kryolon Warhead may be attached to specially designed missiles to be used as a delivery system, which allows the warhead to survive until it makes contact with its target. The alloy material used in the body of the missile is similar to some of the other hardened metals of the galaxy.

RPG D6 StatsEdit

Model: Kryolon Warhead
Type: Weapon of Last Resort
Scale: Deathstar
Skill: Capital Ship Gunnery: Kryolon Missle
Range: 5-25/100/300
Cost: N/A
Availability: 4, X
Damage: 2D/5D* (See Game Notes)
Game Notes: The Kryolon Warhead, when used against a Capital Ship or another target, other than a stellar body, acts as a Ion Torpedo, causing 5D Capital Scale damage due to the EM energy release.
If the Kryolon Warhead is used against a stellar body, such as a star, the Warhead causes 2D Deathstar scale damage against that body. However, the resulting detonation releases an effect that can trigger a chain reaction resulting in up to 10D Deathstar Scale damage to the coronal area of the star, effecting the creation of a massive flare through a coronal mass ejection. This flare, which is larger than an ordinary flare, can deliver an energy output up to 100 times more powerful than a normal flare.
The Super Flare, upon making contact with an orbital body, does 15D Deathstar scale damage to the said orbital body. The Super Flare has a maximum range of 740,679,835 km outward and moves at roughly the speed of light.

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