M56A2 Combat Harness
D-13 Heavy Weapons Harness
Production Information

Kindren Industries


D-13 Weapons Harness


Heavy Infantry
Weapons Support Harness


Kindren Industries


22,000 credits

Physical and Technical Specifications
Usage and History

Weapon Support Harness



"To carry such a superb piece of equipment like the M56A2 or, let's say, the Vindicator, you need your own Wookiee infantry team. Or... you get this. The D-13 makes even an inadequate man feel macho!"
-Viktor Bhot


The D-13 was a joint venture, contracted by Entech to be used with some of their heavier weapon models. Used for supporting and controlling the M56A2 Smart Gun, the D-13 Combat harness integrates a firing control system with all the other battlefield needs: Comlink, Tactical Camera, extra power supply, and protection. Of course, the D-13 could be used with other, heavy infantry weapons also.

The I.T.S. (Intergrated Targeting System) gives a user an advantage against mobile targets while keeping the user in contact with Tactical Command and Support units.

M56A2 Articulation Arm

The Articulation Arm for the harness

As with the D-11 Armor, this item has seen heavy restrictions weighed against it by the Empire.

RPG D6 StatsEdit

Model: Kindren Industries D-13 Heavy Weapons Harness
Type: Armored Weapon Harness
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster: M-56 Repeater or Similiar weapons
Skill Bonus: +1D to Perception, Search or Tracking with built-in motion sensor.
Range: N/A: Built-in Comlink has point-to-point range up to 50 km.
Cost: 22,000 credits (black market)
Availability: 2, X
Difficulty: Moderate
Capsule: The D-13 is primarily used for the M56A2 Repeating Blaster/Smart Gun. While providing the same protection to the torso as the D-11 Armor (STR+3D+2 physical/STR+1D+2 energy), this unit actually aids the user in acquiring targets and tracking them. The harness is easily modified to support other heavy infantry weapons such as the Poncir Arms Vindicator and other similiar weapons. (A easy Blaster Repair or Armor Repair roll.) When used with the M56A2, the targeting eyepiece and motion sensor assist with weapon operation, giving the user a +2D Fire Control to the user's Blaster skill.

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