D-11 Armor
Kindren D-11 Ceramic Combat Armor
Production Information

Kindren Industries


D-11 Ceramic Armor


Combat Armor


Kindren Industries


16,000 credits

Physical and Technical Specifications
Usage and History


  • Local Military
  • Fringe
"You want protection against slugthrowers? Well then... Might I mention this beautiful item from Kindren Industries. It's tough and screams badass. The D-11 is for you, my friend!"
-Viktor Bhot


Kindren Industries designed the D-11 Combat armor with the thought of avoiding physical injury to the wearer as much as was possible. Combining layers of micro-mesh poly-resins, the D-11 can withstand several direct attacks from projectiles and other forms of physical damage, while providing the wearer with substantial protection.

Due to the nature of this armor, the Empire has put heavy restrictions on it's availability. If you can find it, be prepared to pay for it because it's not cheap.

RPG D6 StatsEdit

Model: Kindren Ind. D-11 Ceramic Combat Armor
Type: Comabt Armor
Scale: Character
Cost: 16,000 credits (black market)
Availability: 2, X
Capsule: The D-11 Armor provides STR+3D+2 protection from physical attacks, protecting the torso, upper arms, and groin areas of the body. A bonus of STR+1D+2 against energy weapons is also a nice bonus.

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