Jinsai Wor'sai Warblade
Jinsai Wor'Sai "Warblade" Claymore
Production Information

Wor'Sai Claymore


Melee Weapon


The Jinsai


Jinsai Blademasters


Pre-Republic Era


Jinsai Warriors


850 credits for Jinsai only

Physical and Technical Specifications
Usage and History
  • Pre-Republic
  • Old Republic
  • Rise of the Empire
  • Rebellion
  • New Republic
  • New Jedi Ordr
  • Legacy

The Jinsai


The Jinsai Wor'Sai "Warblade" Claymore is the famed weapon carried by a great number of Jinsai warriors. It has become a symbol of the Jinsai over the centuries, since it's introduction in the Antrixian Commonwealth.

Until the introduction of the Lightsaber into the ranks of Force-sensitive Jinsai, the Gai'din, the Warblade was the preferred weapon of those members of the Order. Nearly all Antrixians can recognize a Warblade on sight and can usually tell if the owner is a Jinsai.

Once Lightsabers were introduced into the Commonwealth during the Great Galactic War, more Jinsai Gai'din began utilizing that weapon over the Warblade, but still retained their famed blades as a sign of status and also due to the honor they felt towards the traditions of the Jinsai.

Following the Antrixian/Jinsai Purge in 19 BBY, the Warblade, or at least the design that the Empire thought was a Warblade, was outlawed due to it's significance to to Jinsai and the ideals that they fostered. Most weaponsmiths that could produce a Warblade modified the design, making the model a more contemporary looking weapon, yet retaining the same traits as the original Warblades. Some weapons were still identifiable as Warblades, yet they were so rare that only a very knowledgeable or experienced Imperial would be able to recognize the weapon.


The Warblades are crafted, individually, by Jinsai Bladesmiths. These artisans spend many long hours working the metals of the Warblade, shaping and purifying the alloys until the metal meets their satisfaction. Using high carbon and low carbon metals, the Bladesmith folds and welds the metals together to create a highly durable surface that can hold a sharp edge while maintaining a high body strength. One of the primary metals used is the rare element known as Heart-steel, found primarily on the frozen world of Lysai.

The controlled heating and cooling process created a metal capable of retaining a razor-like edge. Finishing work involved a process of polishing with fine and finer abrasion pads, giving the blade a mirror-like finish, called glazing. This may attribute to the rumors that a Gai'din could defect energy weapon rounds with the Warblade.

Each blade is unique, some being straight-bladed, others having curves or serrated edges.

The Grey Guard Blades

A fact that was secret and not known to many was the fact that the Grey Guard Warblades were specially constructed and had a cortosis-weave in their alloy. This fact allowed these blades to deflect Lightsabers, sometimes even causing the Lightsaber to briefly short out. These blades weren't completely impervious to Lightsabers, though.

RPG D6 Stats

Model: Jinsai Wor’sai Claymore Sword
Type: Melee Weapon
Skill: Melee Combat
Ammo: N/A
Cost: 850 credits
Availability: 3, R or X
Difficulty: Difficult
Damage: STR+3D, +1D to Melee Combat parry rolls. Optional hilt blade causes STR+1D damage, but increases user difficulty to Very Difficult.