RPG D6 StatsEdit

Control Difficulty: Very Difficult. Modified by astrogation difficulty.
Time to Use: One minute.
Effect: Instinctive astrogation control is far more difficult than sense-based instinctive astrogation power because rather than trying to feel the correct solutions to the hyperspace equations, the Jedi calculates them in his head. This is quite possible and is often done as part of training exercises, though the figures generated are rarely utilized because it is so easy even for a Jedi to make a mistake. The difficulty is modified by how hard the task is with a nav computer.

Task Is Modifier
Very Easy 0
Easy +5
Moderate +10
Difficult +15
Very Difficult +20
Heroic +30

If the control roll is successful, a Very Easy astrogation roll is necessary to enter the correct routs into the nav computer. If the Jedi fails the attempt, she overlooks an obstacle, and sends the ship down an inherently dangerous path, thereby making the astrogation difficulty Very Difficult. If the control roll is missed by five or more points, the astrogation difficulty increases to Heroic. This is a largely unknown application of the control power that allows Jedi to plot astrogation paths instead of using the more well-known sense-based instinctive astrogation power. Instinctive astrogation control is little more than a curiosity, studied only by a few Jedi theoreticians.

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