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House Mortia
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The Antrixian

House Seat: Tribune Jaris Mortia
Planet: Odia
Sigil: Jinsai Blades of Odia

Called the Warrior House of Antrixies, House Mortia has been at the fore-front of most battles waged during the Purge and Imperial Occupation. Tribune Jaris Mortia, head of House Mortia and the Jinsai Tribunal, personally headed the Jinsai resistance movements within the Commonwealth during the struggle. House Mortia absorbed the once Major House Tarkand before the Clone Wars through marriage, even though Tarkand is a House under House Damodred. The Jinsai moved their second training citadel or Fal Dara to Odia in the early days of the Republic and now conduct all Jinsai matters from Odia.

Throughout the history of House Mortia, the nobles of this major House have almost always allied strongly with House Strykia and House Atraydes.