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House Metheyr
General Information

Endel Metheyr


Baron Vlad Metheyr


Hekarii Prime


Antrixian Commonwealth

Historical Information
Chronological and Political Information
  • Old Republic
  • Rise of the Empire
  • Rebellion
  • New Republic
  • Antrixian Commonwealth
  • Old Republic
  • The New Order

House Seat: Baron Vlad Metheyr
Planet: Hekarii Prime
Sigil: The Sun Blades
Title(s): Baron, Baroness
Attached Minor Houses: Morless, Stenor, Egerhold
Jinsai Clan: Shaido


The major rival to House Strykia and House Atraydes within the Landsting, House Metheyr has become a bloated, power-hungry machine. In addition to being one of the sector’s Industrial magnates, House Metheyr also controls the elite Sardaukar Force, a legion of technology enhanced military shock troops. House Metheyr allied with Dontaine Strykia to assist Imperial forces with removing House Strykia from power on Antrixies, along with the attempted extermination of all pro-Jedi Force-sensitives within the Commonwealth. Many point the finger at Metheyr as the catalyst that caused the fall of the Commonwealth and the rise of the Empire within the Maridis Sector. It was rummered that House Metheyr adopted Dontaine Strykia as a member of its House since the Antrixian Purge, which has caused a uproar within the Landsting. All other Houses, except House Corisso, have shunned the Metheyrs. But Baron Metheyr holds an iron grip on the control of his house through his supposed Imperial ties and uses Strykia as a mere figurehead. House Metheyr has its' seat of power on Hekarii Prime, which has become a nightmare of pollution and crime. Some compare it to Nar Shaddaa. The Baron is quite pleased as he holds his control from atop his tower in Hekar City, where he floats in his grav suit and eats/drinks until he passes out. The Baron is ruthless, however. Baron Metheyr turns a blind eye to many illegal activities on Hekarii Prime, allowing slavery, murder, and smuggling to go unchecked. He has no compassion, except for his nephews who he has promoted as his right-hand men. House Metheyr only bows to House Corisso who has allied with the Dominion and the Imperials. While Metheyr has no love for the Empire, he is quick to see that he could follow and enjoy life or die in a spice mine.

Notable House Metheyr Members

  • Baron Vlad Metheyr
  • Feyd Metheyr
  • Rabban Metheyr
  • Master Jevan Metheyr
  • Jehna Metheyr