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House Corisso
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Delyss Corisso


Baroness Chani Corisso




Antrixian Commonwealth

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  • Old Republic
  • Rise of the Empire
  • Rebellion
  • New Republic
  • Antrixian Commonwealth
  • Old Republic
  • Galactic Empire
  • New Republic

House Seat: Baroness Chani Corisso
Planet: Kaitain
Sigil: The Rising Pheonix
Title(s): Baron, Baroness
Attached Minor Houses: Rodkus, Eakka, Skinmere


In order to remain a major House within the Commonwealth, House Corisso has maneuvered its' self through political turmoil since the Clone Wars. Baron Shadan Corisso was feared to be dead following the purge, but has resurfaced, allied with the Imperials to be a figurehead within the Commonwealth. The truth is that the Baron was killed and replaced by a Founder from the Dominion, posing as the Baron in an elaborate plot by Dontaine Strykia to secure a foothold with the Commonwealth. His daughter, Chani, has taken the House seat while her "father" attends to his "declining health." House Corisso is very manipulative, but weak in forces. They will attach to whoever has power in hopes of remaining prominent. Due to their relations with the Imperials, House Corisso has taken their biggest threat, House Metheyr, in as an ally. House Corisso has surprising control over the Metheyr, partially to due with their Imperial allies and also because Baron Metheyr is extremely infatuated with the Baroness.

Unofficially, Chani and Philan Draydess were secretly courting, starting around 0 BBY, pulling Chani more in favor of supporting House Draydess and it's allies.

Notable House Corisso Members

  • Baroness Chani Corisso