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House Draydess
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Ellor Draydess


Duke Leeto Draydess




Antrixian Commonwealth

Historical Information
Chronological and Political Information
  • Old Republic
  • Rise of the Empire
  • Rebellion
  • New Republic
  • Antrixian Commonwealth
  • Old Republic
  • Alliance to Restore
    the Republic
  • New Republic

House Reagent Lordship

House Seat: Duke Leeto Draydess
Planet: Aycaris
Sigil: The Dragon Blades
Title(s): Duke, Duchess
Attached Minor Houses: Humrene, Margaren, Darklyn


House Draydess was the second leading House within the Antrixian Landsting and allied strongly with House Strykia. Owning majority shares within Arentech Industries, Draydess oversaw the main military and commercial productions within the Maridis Sector from 914 BBY to beyond the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War. Draydess maintained a governing palace on their homeworld of Aycaris. After the Clone Wars, Draydess became more of a commercial magnate within the Maridis Sector, although they secretly allied with the Alliance to Restore the Republic and helped arm the Antrixian Resistance within the Commonwealth during the Imperial Occupation. Standing in as the liaison between the Empire and the dealings of Arentech was Elexis Synklair, a Human from Caprica, who acted as a corporate head for Arentech. Elexis worked hand-in-hand with Duke Draydess and his majordomo, Duncan Margaren, to ensure that suspicions remained low concerning Draydess activity and rebel sympathy.

Duke Draydess was one of the most compassionate leaders within the Commonwealth. Leeto was made Hand of the High Lord, a position akin to second-in-command of the executive branch of the Landsting, by Lord Strykia. He was quick to respond with aid when needed and had personally helped with refugees and hiding rebel sympathizers. Leeto had also seen that some of the humans that were within the Commonwealth were placed in positions of power, acting as Imperial agents while they supported the independence of the Commonwealth’s people. Many that knew him well and that knew of his secret alignment compared him to the late Bail Organa of Alderaan.

In order to secure House Draydess' position within the Landsting, High Lord Artur Strykia and Duke Draydess betrothed their children to each other, denying any plans for House Metheyr to gain ascendancy to the High Seat of the Landsting.

Following the liberation of the Commonwealth from the Imperials, House Draydess remained firmed entrenched with House Strykia, leading the way for political and social reform within the Commonwealth. Leeto finally stepped down as Lord Regent and Hand of the High Lord in 10 ABY, along with giving active control of House Draydess to his son, Philan Draydess.

Notable House Atraydes MembersEdit

  • Duke Leeto Draydess – Head of House Draydess, Acting Lord Reagent of the Landsting.
  • Philan Draydess – Member of the Jinsai Shadow Wardens, current operative with the Nova Wolves.
  • Shasharra Draydess – Former betrothed of Graydon Strykia. Member of Graydon's Shadow Warden guard.

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