RPG D6 StatsEdit

Alter Difficulty: Easy plus attacking missile weapons or grenade roll.
Required Powers: Danger Sense, Life Detection, Combat Sense, Telekinesis.
Effect: This power allows the Force user to stretch out through the Force to telekinetically defend himself against an incoming grenade. When an opponent makes an attack with a missile weapon or grenade, the Force user reaches out with his power and attempts to knock the explosive off of its intended course. In game terms, grenade defense allows a Force user to use his alter roll against an attacker's grenades or missile weapons roll as a reaction skill. This differs from telekinesis as telekinesis cannot be used as a reaction skill. Once an attacking character makes a grenades or missile weapons skill roll , the gamemaster adds that number to an Easy difficulty to determine the difficulty number for the alter roll. If the Force user's roll is successful, then the grenade is deflected off course. The gamemaster may use the grenade scatter diagram to determine its new path. If the character beats the difficulty by 10 or more, then the grenade or missile is directed back at the attacker.

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