RPG D6 StatsEdit

Alter Difficulty: Moderate, or target’s Strength roll.
Required Powers: Telekinesis.
Warning: Any character using this power to damage a living being gains an immediate Dark Side Point.
Effect: The Jedi may call upon the Force to surround a target in a swirling vortex of Force energy. The whirlwind will lift the target approximately one meter into the air and buffet them with Force energy. In game terms, the target will be lifted into the air, and incapable of movement for the rest of the round. However, the Force user may attempt to extend the whirlwind by spending one character point per round. When the whirlwind dissipates, the target falls prone. It counts as an action for the target to get back up again. The Force user has the option of additionally doing damage equal to one third of his or her alter roll. If the character does so, then he or she gains an immediate Dark Side Point.

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