RPG D6 StatsEdit

Alter Difficulty: Target's control or Perception roll, modified by proximity.
Required Powers: Concentration, Injure/Kill, Life Detection, Life Sense, Telekinesis.
Warning: A character who uses this power to injure a living being (or beings) automatically receives a Dark Side Point.
Effect: With this power, a Jedi may use the Force to strike up to four adjacent targets. Each target past the first incurs a -1D penalty on the Jedi using the power (i.e., 1 target, no penalty; 2 targets, -1D penalty; 3 targets, -2D penalty; 4 targets, -3D penalty). Each target makes either a control or Perception roll to resist the attack, and the acting Jedi's alter roll result is compared to each result in turn to determine the damage.

Skill Roll > Difficulty By Target Damage
0-9 3D
10-19 4D
20+ 5D

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