RPG D6 StatsEdit

Control Difficulty: Difficult, modified by proximity, limited to line of sight.
Alter Difficulty: Target’s control or Perception roll.
Warning: A Jedi who uses this power for any reason immediately gains a Dark Side Point.
Effect: This power is a corruption of the Force. When used it produces bolts of white or blue energy that fly from the user’s fingertips like sorcerous lightning. The bolts tear through their target, causing painful wounds. Since this power is Force-generated it can be Force-repelled using absorb/dissipate energy. Force lighting courses over and into its target, convulsing the target with serious pain, and eventually killing him. Armor does not protect a character from Force lightning. Force lightning causes 1D of damage for each 2D of alter the user has (rounded down: a character with an alter of 5D would cause 2D of damage). If the target suffers any damage at all, they are so crippled by pain that they are incapable of acting for the rest of the round and the next round.

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