Force Breach is an advanced power that interrupts all powers in use by the target at the time. It is a technique employed when a foe is preparing for a Force-based attack by disrupting their concentration and scrambling their focus. Force Breach was not a widely known Force power; it was most often used by some of the more powerful Jedi and Sith in ancient times.

RPG D6 StatsEdit

Sense Difficulty: Easy.
Alter Difficulty: Target’s opposed control roll.
Required Powers: Affect Mind, Dim Another’s Senses, Sense Force.
Effect: If this power is successfully activated, it allows the Jedi to select a single opponent and bring down any Force powers the target currently has up. The target may attempt to activate their Force powers the following round with no penalties. This power does not affect Force powers such as Force lightning, or bolt of hatred that have a single, instantaneous effect.

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