RPG D6 statsEdit

Alter Difficulty: See chart below.
Required Powers: Telekinesis.
Time to Use: One round.
Warning: Any Jedi who uses this on a sentient being gains an immediate Dark Side Point.
Effect: This power allows a Force user to launch a blast of compressed air and debris. The power has a number of applications, both practical and sinister. It allows the Jedi to clear a blocked passageway of debris or other obstacles. However, it has been used by the less scrupulous to hurl a barrage of projectiles at life forms standing in the Force user’s path up to 20 meters away. The amount of damage done by the blast is determined by the chart below:

Difficulty Damage
Easy 3D
Moderate 4D
Difficult 5D
Very Difficult 6D
Heroic 7D

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