RPG D6 StatsEdit

Sense Difficulty: Difficult, modified by proximity.
Alter Difficulty: Very Difficult, modified by proximity.
Required Powers: Magnify Senses, Life Sense, Life Detection, Instinctive Astrogation, Instinctive Astrogation Control.
Time to Use: Five minutes.
Effect: This power allows a Jedi to bend space and send objects through the fold, transporting them without aid of transports. If the object being moved through the fold in space is a container or starship, any object or being within the container, vehicle or ship is also moved. The difficulty is variable based on a number of factors. First, the alter and sense difficulties are dependent on the proximity to the final destination of the object or person. Second, the size of the fold in space also may create an additional burden on the Jedi. Increase the difficulty +5 for objects weighing one to ten kilograms, +10 for objects 11 to 100 kilograms, +15 for objects 101 kilograms to one metric ton, +20 for objects 1,001 kilograms to ten metric tons, +25 for objects 10,001 kilograms to 100 metric tons. If the Jedi fails the roll by 15 or more, then the object is lost in the fold in space and may be anywhere in the galaxy, or may vanish entirely.

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