Regulators and Renegades is a side tale from the Bloodlines Anthology. Written in the spirit of the Rogue Squadron stories, Regulators details the adventures of some NPCs introduced in "Of Blood and Honor" that go on to play pivotal roles in R&R. Guest appearances from some of the characters of Blood and Honor, along with Blood Harvest, cross over. In an effort to focus on the different aspects of the Star Wars Universe, I've also strayed away from the Force heavy storyline to go with a more conventional feel. But the Force is still present.

Regulators and Renegades

Cover Pic R&R

“Are you sure about this?” Raynen Zurlo asked to the two men sitting across from him in the smoky bar.

“It’s a brand new Shadowport that’s looking for crew and support.” Malcolm Reynolds remained straight-faced and serious. His look fit the bill for probably a hundred other smugglers that came in and out of the Starjacker Bar on Nar Shaddaa. His years of plying the space lanes made it easy to keep a good Sabacc face going. “That’s all I’m able to tell you right now.”

Raynen looked to the other man for further reassurance. The other was another smuggler type, but with more flair to him. His medium length hair was slicked back, falling just about to his shoulders while his well shaven moustache and goatee were manicured with great care. Gray was just starting to creep into the temples of the man’s hair. He favored Raynen with a small smile.

“All I know is that the shadowport in the Manchi Sector went belly up and now this new one is up-and-coming.” The other man commented. “I’d say it’s a safe bet that it’s run by the same people that held the Manchi port.”

“Well of course it is, Karrde.” Malcolm said with an air of sarcasm.

“But why such a drastic change in location?” Talon Karrde asked.

“Things are really heating up in the Manchi Sector. There are several factors at play there. Word is that the Yakoza are setting their sights on Nihtrad.” Mal responded. “Traabo felt it was a good time to clear out and get re-situated before it was too tough to pull out.”

“Wait… Traabo?” Reynan jumped in, not waiting for Karrde to respond. “As in Rena Traabo?”

“Yeah, why?” Mal squinted at Reynan.

“I know her from Rotex. She was in my class at RoSec.” Reynan sat back in his chair. “I didn’t know she was running a shadowport. Hell, I didn’t know she was involved in anything illegal.”

“So, then… What’s it going to be?” Mal cocked his head a bit. “You going to follow me out to this new place or are we saying goodbye, parting ways?”

“I can’t speak for everyone on my ship, but I’m in.”

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