RPG D6 Stats

Control Difficulty: Moderate, as modified by proximity.
Sense Difficulty: Difficult.
Alter Difficulty: Dependent upon the number of people affected by the power.

Individuals Affected Difficulty
1-10 Very Easy
11-100 Easy
101-500 Moderate
501-5000 Difficult
5001-50,000 Very Difficult
50,001-500,000 Heroic

This power may be kept "up."
Effect: This power allows the Jedi to coordinate a group at the subconscious level to perform certain tasks more efficiently. The Emperor often used this power to increase the fighting ability of his troops, mentally driving them on and supplementing their will to fight. This power can only be used on individuals who are in agreement with the intent of the Jedi, and it in no way grants the Jedi mental control over the troops affected. Instead, it links the troops on a subconscious level, allowing them to fight more proficiently and with better organization. If the power is successfully called upon, the Jedi picks three specific skills. The skills must be the same for the entire group. For every 3D (round down) that individuals in the group have in those skills they receive a +1D bonus. The power may be kept up, but if new troops join the battle, the Jedi must make a new roll. Likewise the Jedi must make a new roll if the individuals’ skills are affected or changed. This power can only affect Dexterity, Mechanical, Strength and Technical skills.