Control Difficulty: Easy, modified by relationship.
Alter Difficulty: Moderate.
Required Powers: Enhance Attribute, Control Another’s Pain, Transfer Force.
Effect: A Jedi can use this power to enhance a single attribute for one being for a limited amount of time. All skills covered by the attribute are increased by the same amount for as long as the power remains in effect. An attribute increased by this power remains enhanced for the duration listed below. Both duration and attribute increase are determined by the amount the Jedi's alter roll exceeds the difficulty. Duration can be increased by spending character points - for each character point spent, the duration increases by one combat round. These points can be spent at any time before the power fades. A Jedi can only increase on attribute at a time. If a character attempts to enhance a second attribute, the first enhancement fades and the second is increased.

Alter Roll > Difficulty By Attribute Increase Duration
0-13 +1D 3 Rounds
14-25 +2D 2 Rounds
26+ +3D 1 Round

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