RPG D6 StatsEdit

Control Difficulty: Moderate.
Required Powers: Hibernation Trance.
Effect: The user empties his mind to allow the Force to flow through him. Characters in emptiness seem to be in deep meditation and are totally oblivious to their surroundings. A character in emptiness may not move or take any action except to try to disengage from the emptiness. While in emptiness, a character is difficult to sense or affect with the Force. When another character attempts to use a Force power on the character in emptiness, add the meditating character’s emptiness roll to the difficulty for the other character’s sense or control rolls (only the sense roll if the affected; if the power doesn’t use the sense skill, then add the difficulty to the control roll). This difficulty is added regardless of whether or not the empty character would willingly receive the power’s effect. Once a character gets out of emptiness, the character gets a +6 bonus modifier to all Force skill rolls for a period equal to the amount of time the character spent in emptiness. This bonus is reduced by 1 for every Dark Side Point the character has. When in emptiness, characters dehydrate and hunger normally - some initiates have died because they lacked enough control to bring themselves out of emptiness. When the character enters into emptiness, the player must state for how long the character will be in meditation. A character must make a Difficult control skill roll to exit emptiness. The character may attempt to come out of meditation under the following circumstances:

  • When the stated time has passed.
  • Once each hour beyond the originl time limit.
  • The character’s body takes any damage more serious than stun damage.

Note: Characters who are consumed by the Dark Side of the Force may not use this power.

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