Control Difficulty: Very Easy for simple devices (datapads, holorecorders, droid callers), Easy for power packs (blasters), Moderate for energy cells (lightsabers, force pikes, vibro weapons) and Difficult for portable generators (E-Web repeating blasters, droids).
Alter Difficulty: Easy if the target is a non-sentient piece of equipment. If the target is a droid, the alter difficulty is the droid's Strength roll.
Required Powers: Absorb/Dissipate Energy.
Warning: A character who uses this power automatically receives a Dark Side Point.
Effect: Use of this power allows a Jedi to drain the energy from power packs, energy cells, and similar power sources. This can render powered and electric equipment useless until the power source is replaced or recharged. Power generators larger than a portable generator, such as a fusion generator (used in power droids, vehicles, and ships) are too large to be drained by this ability. Using this power takes a full round. It can affect a single target within the character's line of sight up to 10 meters away. Due to the fact that this power uses Dark Side energy to siphon power, it grants the user a Dark Side Point.

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