Average length

1.4 to 1.8 meters

Skin color

Pink to Gray

Draethos were a predatory humanoid species from the planet Thosa, notable for their long natural lifespans.

Appearance and BiologyEdit

Draethos possessed large teeth, which grew outside of their mouths in what appeared to be an overbite. They also had no lips, further exaggerating the appearance of an overbite. Their scaly skin ranged in color from blue to purple to black. Their hands retained an interstitial web between the fingers. Their fingers ended in narrow tips which resembled claws. They possessed low-light vision, springing from their cave-dwelling ancestors.

The Draethos could live to be a thousand years and older. Despite their long lives, their childhood was quite short. They matured quickly, grew out of adolescence at 18, then enjoyed a healthy adulthood which lasted approximately four hundred years. At four hundred a Draethos was considered middle aged. It was not until age seven hundred that a Draethos was considered elderly.

Draethos, warrior and intellectual alike, possessed telepathy, including the ability to communicate with any sentient being in a radius of approximately five hundred meters. The ability was limited to communication; a Draethos could not invade the thoughts of others.


Draethos are intellectual to a fault, they spend countless years studying, learning and theorizing but take very little time to apply their knowledge, and only elder Draethos can stand debating anything; no matter the subject.

History and CultureEdit

Due to the species obsession with knowledge Dreath has become a treasure trove of information. Their libraries are large enough to rival those at Obroa-Skai. However, most of them were seized by the Galactic Empire when it rose to power and the resources are feared to have been destroyed by Palatine’s New Order.

Draethos in the GalaxyEdit

Most Draethos will be scholars or experts in one field or another. Draethos Jedi are rare, but not unheard of.

RPG D6 StatsEdit

Homeworld: Thosa
Attribute Dice: 12D
Special Abilities:
Broadcast Telepathy: Draethos can speak telepathically with any number of creatures within 500 meters. Anyone wishing to resist this telepathic communication must make an opposed Willpower or Control skill roll against the Draethos' own Willpower or Control skill. This ability cannot be used to "steal" memories or information.
Low-light Vision: A Draethos can see twice as far as a normal human in poor lighting conditions.
Skill Bonus: Draethos are encouraged to learn as much as they can, and most adults are experts on several topics. As such, Draethos characters receive 2D for every 1D placed into Knowledge skills at the time of character creation only.
Story Factors:
Long-Lived: Draethos character can easily live up to 800 years or more.
Move: 10/12
Size: 1.4-1.8 meters

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