Control Difficulty: Moderate, modified by proximity. Limited to line of sight.
Alter Difficulty: Target’s opposed Strength roll.
Required Powers: Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Sense Force, Telekinesis.
Effect: This power allows the Jedi to harness energy through the Force and causing it to focus on a single droid. The energy surges within the target causing it to short out, and possibly overload. Because the Jedi causes the energy to well up inside the droid, disable droid ignores all armor bonuses, and the droid must roll its Strength attribute alone. If the Jedi succeeds in activating the power, the droid is disabled, and considered out of commission for 2D rounds. If the alter roll succeeds by 10 or more, disable droid will overload the droid’s circuitry, and the droid takes 4D damage (no armor bonus to resist). This power does not affect organic life forms. This power may also be used to disable other electronics, such as weapons, comlinks, and even individual computer terminals. (This power cannot be used to disrupt entire computer networks, or large and very complicated devices such as a capital scale hyperdrive or shield generator.) The targeted device must be operational for this power to work, i.e. you can’t affect a droid or datapad that’s shut off or a blaster that’s not being fired. Unless otherwise stated, these devices have a Strength of 2D. Targeting small electronics with this power, such as a comlink or hand weapon, adds +5 to the alter difficulty. Targeting devices that operate on short bursts, such as blasters, adds +15 to the alter difficulty. If a Force sensitive character is holding the piece of equipment the Jedi is attempting to disable, the opponent may add his control dice to the alter difficulty.

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