Far Dareis Sai – Daughter of the Blade


One day early in the Jinsai’s early history a woman's child was taken by a rival clan, out raiding outlying areas on the planet, Fendring. This woman, named Morin, refused to merely ask for aid. She demanded to go and fight with the men, knowing that this would mean that she may be injured or die. She was given a old sword rusted and in disrepair. She worked dilligently to restore the blade. Morin became wedded to the sword, saying that she was married to no man. Today, no Daughter of the Blade may marry, nor raise a child while she carries the weapons of the Jinsai. Daughters are not barred from having intimate relations or conceiving children, but are not to fight while pregnant, and their children are put up for adoption if the Daughter chooses to remain in the society. A Daughter who wishes to marry and raise children leaves the society, to put her Jinsai life aside or join another society. By sworn oath, they do not tell of any of the Daughter of the Blade society secrets, forgetting they were ever a member.


Any child born of a Daughter must be given over to a clan leader to be given to another clan or proper orphanage. In this way no one may know who the mother of the child was, and the child grows up not knowing. The Daughters also have a whole language of signs and hand signals all their own, known as “Handtalk.”


Far Dareis Sai often form the scouting parties of most large scale Jinsai forces. They are usually more proficient at this than other Jinsai and are known for this skill. Almost every little girl within the Commonwealth grows up hearing tales of how noble and fierce a Daughter of the Blade can be. Daughters are also selected for escorts often as they have little to no emotional ties or relationships with a signifigant other that might distract them from their duties.