found on many
Sith worlds



Height of average adult

1.0-1.5 meters

Skin color


Hair color


Eye color

Orange, red

  • Poisonous
  • Regeneration

Darkhounds are abominations of the nearly forgotten Sith religion. Spawned from native pack animals of a forgotten planet and tainted by the Darkside, the Darkhounds became devoted servants of the Sith. Used as wild assassins, the Sith often sent a pack of Darkhounds to track down and destroy a target. They search out and ruthlessly kill their targets with the efficiency of a trained killer. Utilizing razor sharp claws and a powerful, poisonous bite, the Darkhound was considered unstoppable by anything or anyone, let alone the Jedi. Falling a Darkhound is very difficult, indeed, as it can regenerate all but fatal wounds or damage from an attack of the Force. The galaxy has not seen Darkhounds since a time shortly after the Great Sith War, but it is legend and rumors abound that they still roam free on planets the Sith once held.

RPG D6 Stats

Type: Darkside abomination
Dodge 5D+2
Search 6D+2, Sneak 6D
Brawling 5D
Special abilities:
Bite: Fangs do STR+1D+2 damage. If the Darkhound makes a successful biting attack, it’s saliva is a deadly toxin with nearly no cure. Once per round, after a successful bite, the target must make a Very Difficult Stamina roll to ward off the effects of the poison on the first day. Each subsequent day, the difficulty level is increased by one level. The wound itself becomes festering and the skin around the wound becomes black and brittle as if severely burned. Scars from a Darkhound bite never truly heal, if the attack is survived.
Claws: Do STR+1D damage.
Regeneration: Once a round, the Darkhound can decrease one wound level naturally. From Mortally Wounded to Stunned, a Darkhound can regenerate from any damage that does not kill it. The only things that can truly harm a Darkhound is Force Wrought attacks, lightning, or high level energy blasts (Walker scale and above.). Weapons made of or by methods using the Force, wound a Darkhound as per normal wound levels which can not be regenerated.
Story Factors:
Tracks: A darkhound leaves no tracks in mud, dirt, or grass. However, tracks are often left in stone and metal surfaces, appearing to be burnt into the surface by extreme heat or an acidic substance. This is often the only sign to mark the passing of a pack of Darkhounds.
Move: 15
Size: 1 to 1.5 meters tall at the shoulder.