RPG D6 StatsEdit

Control Difficulty: Easy, modified by relationship.
Alter Difficulty: Difficult.
Required Powers: Control Pain, Control Another’s Pain.
Warning: Anyone who uses this power gains one Dark Side point.
Time to Use: One minute.
Effect: This power may be used to call upon the Dark Side to transfer one’s own vitality to an injured being, and may even be used a few moments after death. Unlike transfer Force, this power does not require a willing target, and in fact, it is often used to restore an unwilling person. In game terms, after a character has been injured or killed, the player may choose to activate dark transfer. The Force user must be touching the target and, if the rolls succeed, the target will move up one wound level. For each additional 5 points that the alter roll beats the difficulty, the target improves an additional wound level. When a character activates this power, he or she gains an immediate Dark Side point and moves down one wound level, unless he spends a Force Point. However, he is not actually physically injured and needs only rest for 8 hours to recover. A target recovered from a killed result is tainted by the Dark Side and gains one Dark Side Point.

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