RPG D6 StatsEdit

Control Difficulty: Moderate, as modified by relationship. Targets with an affinity for the Force (i.e., have Force skill or Force Points) may make an opposed control or Perception rolls, selecting either their roll or the base difficulty to resist.
Sense Difficulty: Easy for a Jedi who has turned to the Dark Side, as modified by proximity. Moderate for a Jedi who is of the Light Side, as modified by proximity.
Alter Difficulty: Variable, depending on the number of targets being controlled and whether or not they are willing. Force sensitive targets may make opposed rolls, choosing either their roll or the difficulty, whichever is higher.
For a Jedi who has turned to the Dark Side:

Number Willing Unwilling
1 Very Easy Easy
2 Easy Moderate
3 Moderate Difficult
4-5 Difficult Very Difficult
6-8 Very Difficult Heroic

For a Jedi who is of the Light Side:

Number Willing Unwilling
1 Moderate Difficult
2 Difficult Very Difficult
3 Very Difficult Heroic

This power may be kept "up."
Required Powers: Receptive Telepathy, Telekinesis, Affect Mind.
Warning: Any Jedi who uses this power automatically receives a Dark Side Point, plus an additional Dark Side Point for every evil action she forces a victim of this power to undertake.
Effect: The use of this power allows a Jedi to take control of another person turning him into a puppet who must obey the Jedi’s will. When used successfully a Jedi can control the actions of others, making them serve his will like automations. The power may be kept up to allow the user to maintain control of his target’s mind - the Jedi must make a new roll if a new target is to be added. Characters versed in the ways of the Force (with any Force skills) can actively resist by rolling a control or Perception total. A character with an inherent affinity for the Force may resist by rolling a Perception total. The character may choose either the difficulty for the power use or his own roll. If the Jedi attempts to control more than one such Force sensitive character at the same time, for all characters beyond the first, add +1 for each die code of control or Perception. The Jedi must make a new power roll whenever he attempts to take over a new target. Targets may be released without a roll. Control mind cannot be used to control droids or computers.

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