The Cizerack are a Felinoid species indigenous to the planet Cashoulis. The females of the species are dominant within their society, while the males play a very insignificant role within the Cizerack culture.

Appearance and Biology Edit

Lithe, strong, and fast are the three words that best describe this race of felines. The Cizerack are a race of large blue/black cat like creatures, indigenous to the planet Cashoulis of the Antares star system. Like all felinoid species, the Cizerack are extremely fast and nimble, able to acheive speeds of up to 80KPH for short periods of time.

Society and CultureEdit

The Cizerack culture stresses disipline and knowledge. The young females are sent to school where they are taught Damack Hatib ("The Code Of Living"). This code stresses individualism, freedom, and the work ethic. "Any good feline is a working feline." Female cats are taught the value of their own self and that of the clan.

A powerfull dicotomoy exsists between the sexes of this race. While the females are revered, the male Cizerack are kept as ignorant slaves, exsisting to perpetuate the race and perform menial labor. The Cizerack Government is clan-like. The matriachy is set up so that the oldest females rule the society. The cats are strong and territorial, each clan controlling a section of land headed by the Ratum Ala ("den mother").

RPG D6 StatsEdit

Homeworld: Cashoulis
Attribute Dice: 13D
Special Abilities:
Heightened Senses: Due to the Cizarack's exceptional hearing and sight add 2D to all checks involving hearing and/or sight.
Night Vision: Their eyes filter out and enhance ambient light sources so that that the Cizerack can see equally as good at night as they can during the day. Their eyes contain a small bioluminescent material that reacts with its environment to produce a faint glowing light. Thus, the Cizerack's eyes glow at night.
Leap: The Cizerack can leap up to 5m vertically and 10m horizontally, acting as a free action.
Unarmed Combat: Cizerack do Str +2D damage in unarmed combat due to claws and teeth.
Story Factors:
Sonic Sensitivity: Cizerack are highly sensitive to sound, while this gives them great hearing it also makes them vulnerable to sonic attacks. Any weapon based on sound does +2 damage per die for damage.
Standing on Two Legs: Cizerack can stand on their hind legs, but all DEX rolls are at -3D (can't go lower then 1D).
Move: 18/20 (all fours); 5/7 (standing erect)
Size: 1.3 to 1.7 meters on all fours; 2 to 2.4 meters standing erect.

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