Height of average adult

2.3 to 3.1 meters
in diameter

The Celegians are a globular, floating species native to the planet Celeg.

Appearance and Biology

Celegian are a large brain-like species hailing originally from the oceans of their homeworld of Celeg. More than ten millennia ago they evolved a form of floating locomotion that enabled them to leave the water and venture on to the surface of their world. They interact with objects using the their around a dozen tentacles (the exact number varies from Celegian to Celegian). Since they are a Cyanogen breathing species Celegians must travel inside of special life support chambers in order to survive off of their native planet.


The Celegians are revered as a very wise and thoughtful species. Always ones to think things through before acting; however, when action is necessary a Celegian will not sit idle.

History and Culture

Due to the cyanogen rich atmosphere of Celeg not very much is known about the species. Most Celegians are content to stay on Celeg and live out their lives in peace (since Celeg doesn’t get many vistors).

Celegians in the Galaxy

The only Celegians encountered away from their homeworld will be members of the Jedi Order with the occasional Force Adept.

RPG D6 Stats

Homeworld: Celeg
Attribute Dice: 12D
Special Abilities:
Broadcast Telepathy: As their primary mode of communication, Celegians can speak telepathically with any number of creatures within 500 meters. Anyone wishing to resist this telepathic communication must make an opposed Willpower or Control skill roll against the Celegian's own Willpower or Control skill. This ability cannot be used to "steal" memories or information.
Excellent Swimmers: Celegian character gain a permanent +3D bonus to their Swimming skill.
Story Factors:
Cyanogen Breathers: Celegians cannot survive without their native atmosphere. After being exposed to an oxygen atmosphere for 1 round, a Celegian must make a Moderate Strength check, with the difficulty increasing by +4 for every round past the first. If successful, the Celegian remains conscious, but must continue to make Strength checks until returned to its native atmosphere. Failure indicates that the Celegian falls unconscious, and takes 1D damage. This damage is increased by +1D for each round afterwards (cumulative). Exposure to the cyanogen atmosphere has a similar effect on oxygen-breaters. Celegians outside of their environment exist in transparisteel life-support chambers. These chambers have an effective Body Strength rating of 4D+2 when resisting damage.
Move: 6/8 (fly), 16/18 (swim)
Size: 2.3-3.1 meters in diameter