Cambis III







Height of
average adult

1.7 to 2.2 meters

Skin color

Pale white to
silver blue

Hair color

Red to Green

Eye color


The Cambions are a species of Near-Humans native to the planet Cambis III. The Cambions have taken to living in underground dwellings to avoid both the harsh environment and other species who now inhabit their world.

Appearance and BiologyEdit

Cambions appear as pale white skinned to silver-blue skinned humans with eyes that have no visible pupil. Their hair tends to range from reds and very dark green, to white or silver. They are generally built stockier, with more muscle tone than humans, with the same height ratio of stock humans.

Society and CultureEdit

Cambions are a tribal species of humanoids native to the planet Cambis 3, in the Reklan sector. Due to the harsh nature of their desert homeworld, Cambions have taken to living in villages and dwellings deep below the planet’s surface. They are almost never seen on the surface or off planet due to chosen isolationism. Rarely, the Cambions will be encountered raiding mining stations when they are encroached upon. While Cambis 3 is populated by other species on the surface, Cambions choose to distance themselves away from anyone who they see as an outsider.

The Cambions, overall, are fierce warriors, being very territorial of their settlements and caverns. The Cambions view battle and death as a tribute paid to their gods and religion. They do not actively seek out fighting, but will fight when they feel threatened by another or their territory is intruded upon. Otherwise, Cambions are a compassionate people utilizing resources of their homeworld to live in harmony with the planet. They never use more than they need, and they are conservationists who help ensure that any resource they use will last and renew over time.


The Cambions had barely begun to advance past a primitive level of metalworking when they first encountered offworlders. Attacking violently, the Cambions quickly overtook the visitors, viewing them as demons sent from one of their evil gods. The Cambions scavenged all they could from the bodies of the offworlders and their ship. Through trial and error, they found a way to work some of the technology.

Over the years since that incident, the Cambions have captured and scavenged more technology, which they have incorporated into their society. They also capture “invaders” in an attempt to force the individual into revealing more secrets about the new items they find. This has led to the creation of advanced combustion engines and Ion-powered Waste Runners.

RPG D6 SatsEdit

Technology Level: Information
Government: Tribal
Home Planet or System: Cambis III
Attribute Dice: 13D
Special Abilities:
Heightened Dexterity: Due to physical body structure and general training from a young age, Cambions receive +3D at character creation time to place in Dexterity skills.
Story Factors:
Territorial: Cambions are very territorial, wanting to be left alone by any outside influence. Cambions will often show a display of force before attacking.
Move: 10/13
Size: 1.7 to 2.2 meters tall

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