Imperial - Blood Hunter Stormtrooper
The Blood Hunters
General Information

Syanne Harkness


ISD Infiltrator


Antrixian Commonwealth

Historical Information
Formed from

18 BBY

Chronological and Political Information
  • Rise of the Empire
  • Rebellion
  • New Republic
  • Imperial New Order

The Blood Hunters are an elite unit created by High Inquisitor Syanne Harkness to hunt down, capture or destroy targets of interest within the Inner Rim, especially the Antrixian Commonwealth.


The Blood Hunters were initially formed from the 386th Clonetrooper Legion, serving with the Maridis Sector group. When Order 66 was initiated, many squads of the 386th were led by the rogue Jedi, Syanne Harkness, to track down and eliminate any potential Force-using threats within the group’s operating area.

After the occupation of the Maridis Sector was established, the newly-appointed High Inquisitor Harkness took direct command of the 386th Legion. From their numbers, Syanne began to train elite squads to use in combating the Jinsai and Antrixian Resistance forces. These elite squads would come to be known as the Blood Hunters, Clonetroopers specialized in combating the Jinsai and Force-users.

The Blood Hunters were an effective unit against the Jinsai, but still suffered heavy casualties when facing Antrixian forces. For replacements, Harkness looked to recruiting from outside sources, human and near-human, in order to keep the Blood Hunter numbers intact. Eventually, the 386th Blood Hunter units would be reduced to 3, 25 man squads.

Operational InformationEdit

The Blood Hunters wear Phase II Combat Armor, similar to regular Stormtroopers. The difference comes in the color: Blood red. The Blood Hunters also use an assortment of munitions besides the typical Storm I Blaster Rifle, ranging from light to heavy energy weapons.

RPG D6 StatsEdit

Typical Blood Hunter Trooper
All stats 2D except: Blaster 4D+2, Brawling 4D+2, Dodge 4D+2, Grenade 4D, Melee Combat 5D, First Aid 4D. Move: 10. Custom Phase II Stormtrooper Armor (+2D to resist Physical, +1D to resist Energy), Ammo Bandolier, Blaster Rifle (5D), Thermal Detonator, Heavy Blaster Pistol (5D).

Typical Blood Hunter Trooper(Elite Guard and Officer)
Blood Hunter

Blaster 9D+2, (s)Blaster: Repeating Blaster 10D+1, Dodge 7D+1, Grenade 6D+1, Melee Combat 6D+1, Missile Weapons 6D+1
Intimidation 5D+1, Survival 6D+1, Tactics 6D+1
Command 5D+2, Search 8D, Search: Tracking 8D+1
Brawling 6D+1, Climbing/jumping 6D+2, Swimming 6D
Armor repair 3D+2, Blaster repair 4D+2, Computer prog/repair 4D+1, Demolition 5D+1, Security 5D
Move: 10
Equipment: Custom Phase II Stormtrooper Armor (+2D to resist Physical, +1D to resist Energy), Ammo Bandolier, light repeating blaster rifle (5D), comlink, 6 frag grenades (5D)

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