Clak'dor VII

Height of average adult

1.5 to 1.8 meters

Skin color


Eye color


The Bith are a race of pale-skinned aliens with large skulls and long, splayed fingers. Their ancestral orgins are hard to discern, because their bodies contain no trace of anything but Bith information. They have evolved into a race which excels in abstract thinking, although they lack certain instinctual emotions like fear and passion. Their huge eyes lack eyelids because they have evolved past the need for sleep, and allow them to see in minute detail. The thumb and little fingers on each hand are opposable, and their mechanical abilities are known throughout the galaxy.

They are native to the planet Clak'dor VII in the Mayagil system. They quickly developed advanced technologies, among them the use of deadly chemicals for warfare. A planet-wide toxicological war between the cities of Nozho and Weogar - based on the disputed patent rights to a new stardrive - destroyed the once-beautiful planet, and left the Bith the choice of remaining bound there or expanding to the stars. Immediate survivors were formed to build hermetically-sealed cities, although they quickly realized that it would better preserve their race to travel among the stars. Bith mating is a less than emotional experience, as the Bith race has lost the ability to procreate sexually. Instead, they bring genetic material to a Computer Mating Service for analysis against prospective mates. Bith children are created from genetic material from two parents, which is combined, fertilized, and incubated for a year.

Many Bith are employed throughout the galaxy, by both Imperial enterprises and private corporations, in occupations requiringextremely powerful intellectual abilities. These Bith retain much of the pacifism and predictability for which the species is known, dedicting themselves to the task at hand, and, presumably, deriving great satisfaction from the task itself. Unfortunately, it is also true that many Bith who are deprived of the structure afforded by a large institution or regimented occupation are often drawn to the more unsavory aspects of galactic life, schooling themselves in the arts of thievery and deception.

RPG D6 Stats

Homeworld: Clak’dor VII
Attribute Dice: 12D
Dexterity 1D/3D
Knowledge 2D/6D
Mechanical 2D/5D
Perception 2D/5D
Strength 1D/2D
Technical 2D/5D
Special Abilities:
Manual Dexterity: Although the Bith have low overall Dexterity scores, they do gain +1D to the performance of fine motor skills - picking pockets, surger, fine tool operation, etc. - but not to gross motor skills such asblaster and dodge.
Scent: Bith have well-developed senses of smell, giving them +1D to all Perception skills when pertaining to actions and people within three meters.
Vision: Bith have the ability to focus on microscopic objects, giving them a +1D to Perception skills involving objects less than 30 centimeters away. However, as a consequence of this, the Bith have become extremely myopic. They suffer a penalty of -1D for any visual-based action more than 20 meters away and cannot see more than 40 meters under any circumstances.
Story Factors:
Move: 5/8
Size: 1.5 to 1.8 meters tall