RPG D6 StatsEdit

Alter Difficulty: Difficult.
Sense Difficulty: Easy.
Required Powers: Telekinesis.
Effect: This power causes a small object to fly quickly as though fired from a weapon at a target designated by the user. A small object of no more than one pound can be hurled with intense speed at an enemy, causing 3D damage. Items such as coins, rocks, tools, etc. are perfect examples of ammunition for this power. Additionally, bladed weapons and stun weapons can be used in this manner; weapons which use Strength to determine damage now uses the 3D from the ballistakinesis power in the place of the STR stat. For example, a knife that does STR+1D damage now does 4D damage (3D from Ballistakinesis, 1D from the weapon). A missile weapons roll may be required, at the GM's discretion, for "called shots" at specific areas of the body.
Note: This power is a Jensaarai discipline.

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