Arakus Sandworm
Arakus Sandworm






Average length

100 to 750 meters

Skin color

Brown to Grey

The Arakus Sandworm is a giant, subterranean, burrowing creature native to the planet Arakus in the Maridis Sector. The Sandworms live primarily under the vast dune deserts on Arakus.

Sandworms live beneath the sand for all of their lives. Attracted to rhythmic vibrations on the surface, they will often breach the surface in pursuit of the origin of such vibrations. This was an effort to defend their territory, of which they were highly protective.

The Sandworm was the predominate lifeform on Arakus, both honored and feared; vital and deadly. The sandworms were extremely territorial; as soon as two worms sensed each other's presence, they let out chuffing roars of challenge, bellowing long buried sand-smelling exhaust from their cavernous throats.


By anyone's standards, Sandworms could grow to an enormous size. Explorers on Arakus cited that specimens "up to 450 meters long" were spotted by observers in the deep desert. Many things commonly associated with Arakus are surrounded in myth and mystery, and the sandworms are no exception. Some people believe that worms from 700 to even 1000 meters exist in the southern pole regions. This has not been confirmed.

RPG D6 Stats

Type: Subterranean Desert Dweller
Special Abilities:
Teeth: STR+2D
Thick Hide: A Sandworm’s dense hide gives it a STR+1D to resist all damage.
Seismic Location: Sandworms are extremely sensitive to vibrations made by other lifeforms and living things traveling on or through the sands within a 100 meters of their position. Sandworms gain a +4D to Search when locating seismic disturbances.
Move: 15
Size: 100 to 750 meters long