Gravlex Med


Anx Language

Height of
average adult

3.8 to 4.2 meters


Large Head Crest

The Anx were a large, reptilian species from the planet Gravlex Med.

Biology and AppearanceEdit

Sociable beings, they possessed an incredible devotion to any group of which they felt a part. Their crests could change color to reflect their moods. The Anx language was made of loud, low-frequency noises that they could use to communicate across distances of several kilometers. Even when speaking Basic, their low, rumbling voices can uncomfortably vibrate the bones of other species. To compensate for poor eyesight, Anx had an acute sense of smell. They also tended to possess a formidable knowledge of anatomy, especially nerves, muscles and bone structures, making them dangerous unarmed combatants and skilled warriors, capable of defeating most opponents.

Anx in the GalaxyEdit

In the time around the Invasion of Naboo, their home planet of Gravlex Med was represented by senator Horox Ryyder. He retired around the time of the Battle of Geonosis. The next senators were Zo Howlerand his assistant Fo Kuna. Later in time, Gravlex Med became a weapons testing ground for the Empire. This led to a near total destruction of Gravlex Med and the Anx species. After the New Republic took over, the remaining Anx asked it to help bring their planet back, but the damage was irreversible.

Other notable Anx were: Graxol Kelvyyn—a slave trader from Ryloth, who was seen with Watto during the Boonta Eve Classic, held on Tatooine—Theen Fida, and Madurrin, a Jedi Knight during the Yuuzhan Vong War.

RPG D6 StatsEdit

Homeworld: Gravlex Med
Technology Level: Space
Attribute Dice: 12D
Special Abilities:
Blindsight: Anx have exceptionally poor eyesight, and instead use sense organs along their crests, knees, and elbows to "smell" the world around them. Communication at a Distance: Anx speak in a booming, low-frequency language that other Anx can hear up to five kilometers away.
Increased Hand-to-Hand Damage: Due to their physiology, Anx characters add +1D to their Strength score when rolling their hand-to-hand damage.
Story Factors:
Fin Cloaks: The skin and fins of an Anx change colors to reflect their emotions, making an Anx's basic mood easy to decipher. As a result, Anx characters often wear fin cloaks that make it more difficult for others to interpret their emotions. An Anx without a fin cloak suffers a -2D penalty to all Bargain and Con skill checks.
Size: 4 meters tall on average
Move: 12/14

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